Oberstdorf Shorttrack
Summercamp 2016
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  Mountain run: heavy job under good conditions
01-08-2016. The wheaterforecast predicted bad weather and at six in the morning it looked like it would rain the whole day. But....that did not happen. Instead not too warm not too cold perfect running wheater. Over one hundred shorttrack skaters of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp made the challenge of the mountainrun. The younger categories a lap of 1000 meter on the top of the Nebelhorn mountain and the elder categories from Station SeeAlpe at 1285 meters altitude to the Station Hofatsblick at 1900 meter. The winners were: Tija Schafer, Kebbo Nije, Fredrik Pedersen, Kirsi Hoogeveen, Theo Collins, Anne Floor Otter, Jesse Speijers, Rachel Freitag, Sven Roes, Becca Peach, Gianni Caboor, Robert Freitag, Vikki Riches and Gerard Williams. Special congratulations for Becca Riches who is 13 years old and was running with the recreational seniors the long and heavy distance from SeeAlpe to Hofatsblick in 45 minutes and 54 seconds. The results can be found on the page Program of this website.

  Welcome Barbeque started Summercamp
30-07-2016. The 5th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp has started. 114 skaters from 24 clubs out of 10 countries are attending this event. New this year are skaters from the Czech Republic and from Norway. The Summercamp started with the welcome barbeque on saturday evening. More then 200 people were present. The vice mayor of Oberstdorf, Mr Fritz Sehrwind opened the evening and welcommed everybody on behalf of the City of Oberstdorf and wished everybody a lot of succes and a good training week. Grill Master Ernst Kierke did a great job by preparing a perfect meal for such a big group. One moment it looked like rain would spoil the evening, but it did not happen so we can look back at a wonderfull evening. For this years edition the Ice training sessions are not only at the evening but also on the morning of 3 days. The monday will traditionally be for the Mountain run and on wednesday the Inline Triathlon will be held.


    Entry closed with record of countries
14-07-2016. The entry for the Summercamp has closed now with 117 skaters from 24 clubs out of 10 countries. Never before there have been skaters from so many countries attending the summercamp. For a complete list of skaters go to the website shorttrackonline.info page ENTRY.
    Entry summercamp will close in few days
10-07-2016. The entry for the Summercamp will close in a few days. Uptill now more then 100 skaters have entered. The list of attendants can be seen on shorttrackonline.info.

Clinic for officials

01-06-2016. During the summercamp clinics will be held for beginning Starters, Referees and Competitors Stewards. There will be no entry fee for this. The clinics will only take place if enough people want to attend. Day and time will be decided later but it is the intention to do this on Thursday.


Entry Summercamp on full speed now
10-05-2016. The entry for the 5th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp is on full speed now. At this moment over 80 shorttrack skaters from 20 clubs out of 5 countries have entered.

  5th edition of Summercamp
The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will be held from 30 July - 6 August 2016. The entry for the Summercamp 2016 is open now. Skaters can be entered by their clubs trough the website shorttrackonline.info