Oberstdorf Shorttrack
Summercamp 2017
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Ice training evening

sunday until thursday





Ice training morning

sunday, tuesday, thursday





 This schedule depends on the number of entries and is subject
to change.







Saturday 29 July 12.00-16.00
check in at helpdesk
Ice rink


Saturday 29 July 18.00-21.00
Welcome Barbeque
outside the ice rink

Monday 31 July 09.00-15.00
Mountain Run competition

Wednesday 2 August 10.30-15.00

Inline Triathlon
Inline Track Oberstdorf

Thursday 3 Ausgust 11.00-16.00
Tubing in Erdinger Arena

Friday 5 August       15.00-23.00
Shorttrack competition

Saturday 7 August  10.00-19.00
Shorttrack competition


Saturday 6 August 20.00-23.00
Closing Dinner in Ice rink restaurant

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