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Summercamp 2016
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Urgent messages

18. Helmet covers for skaters can be collected by the team leaders at friday from 16.00 at the table in the entrance of hall-1.
17. The extra training session on friday morning for Running is cancelled due to the bad wheater forecast and the fact that the whole week program has been very heavy already.
16. We request volunteers to help us with making the start/finishlines in the ice on wednesday evening at 21.50 hr. The more people are there to help the quicker the job is done.
15. Info-bulletin-5, with all information about the Inline Triathlon of wednesday and the sightseeing & Tubing Erdinger Arena on Thursday is published now on the program page of the website skatingonline.info.
14. If you want to do the sightseeing of the Ski Arena and/or the Tubing on Thursday 14.00-16.00 hr please inform us not later then Tuesday 20.00 hr as we have to make reservations for this. Sightseeing is 9,00 euro and sightseeing plus Tubing 16,00 euro.
13. Info-bulletin-3 and Info-bulletin-4 with results of the Mountainrun can now be found on the website skatingonline.info on the page Program.
12. The timeschedule and latest information for the Mountainrun competition is now available on the Program page of this mobile website. Please pay attention to the starting times.
11. Sunday evening 19.00 hr the competition track has to be measured in rink-1. We request as many as possible volunteers to come and help us to do this.
10. Info-bulletin-2 with composition of training groups is now available on Program page. Group-3 of Maarten Slembrouck is requested to be at the Ice rink 40 minutes before start of training session for warm-up.
9. Info-bulletin-1 for Saturday 30 July 2016 has been published now on the Program page of the website Skatingonline.info.
8. Restaurant Zoran has made a special lunch offer for the summercamp for all skaters. Every day from 11.00-14.00 all piza's and noodles for 6,00 euro.
7. The composition of the training groups will be published during the barbeque on saturday evening
6. If you need to send an urgent message to the Organising Committee, then please do this with a Whatsapp message to the mobile number which was published in the announcement and not by E-mail.
5. If you withdrawn a skater from the entry then please also correct the number of extra tickets for this skaters family for the barbeque, mountainrun lunch and closing dinner.
4. Only one week to go before the Summercamp starts. From now on messages will be updated on daily base.
3. We request all teamleaders to evaluate how many extra tickets per club (seperate from the entered skaters) are neccessary for the Welcome  Barbeque, Mountainrun Lunch and Closing dinner. Please put this information in the Entry-system on shorttrackonline.info.
2. The information on this website is at this moment tentative and can be changed.
1. Welcome on the mobile website of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2016. On this place you will get all information about the program and urgent messages.