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      Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp has started
30-07-2022. The 11th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp has started. After two years of Corona the traditional Welcome Barbeque was back in the program with more then 350 attendants. The official opening was done with a welcome speech from Vice Mayor Bergith Hornbacher-Burgstaller and the traditional 1000 Tulip bulbs were given by the Organizing committee to the city of Oberstdorf. This year 193 skaters from 33 clubs out of 11 countries came to Oberstdorf. Among them new skaters from Turkye and the USA.
      Organisation for Summercamp on full speed now.
07-07-2022. A 2-days visit was brought to Oberstdorf this week to have meetings with the Sport Office for the organisation of the Ice training and shorttrack competition, the Mountain Run and Biathlon. With the Restaurant of Zoran for special offers for meals during the week and the Closing Dinner. With the brewery for arranging tables, benches and drinks at the Welcome barbeque. With the Eissport Club Oberstdorf for all the support they give to us and helping organizing the Welcome Barbeque. Also a van full of materials and equipment was already brought to Oberstdorf. The preparations for the Summercamp are on full speed now!
  ??     Skaters and Family/Supporters Questionnaire form open No
01-07-2022. All skaters and Family/Supporters are requested to fill in the special Quationnaire-form before saterday 8 July 2022. You can find the link to these forms on the page INFO-Entry of this website. If you use the link you see the list with entered skaters: click on your name and fill in the password. Skaters who attended last year can use the password they received last year for this. This year new entered skaters will receive the password via their club. Skaters must also fill in on their form the names of the Family/Supporters who come with them to Oberstdorf. Family/Supporters are requested to fill in the other special Family/Supporters Questionnaire-form for Extra tickets, Participating in the Recreational events, Volunteer jobs, Jury clinics and Corona measures. Parents must ONLY do this, via the link to the special Family/Supporters-form. Click on the eldest skater of the family and use the password of this eldest skater. We request everybody to do this as soon as possible but not later then friday 8th of July 2022.
      Entry Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp closes in few days
27-06-2022. In a few days the Entry for the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will close. Untill 30 June it is possible to enter for this years event. At this moment 183 skaters from 30 clubs out of 10 countries have enterred. We will welcome this year also new skaters from Turkeye and from the USA. After the 1st of July all skaters will receive, from their own club, login data for entering the special questionare forms which are published on the Entry page of this website. We request all skaters to fill in these forms as soon as possible. The Summercamp week will start with the Registration on saturday afternoon at the Icerink and in the evening the Welcome Barbeque in the garden of the Icerink.
      Campings close to Oberstdorf
25-05-2022. For people who want to come to the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp and want to use a camping; we have found the addresses of several campings not too far away from Oberstdorf. If you go into the direction of Austria to the village of Riezlern you will find several campings at a distance from Oberstdorf of not more then 5 kilometer. Campings can be used by tents, caravans and motor-homes. The addresses and website can be found on this website on the page "LINKS".
      Entry Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2022 on full speed now
24-05-2022. The entry for the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp is on full speed now. 154 skaters from 24 clubs out of 8 countries have enterred already. As the Corona measures in most European countries become easyer the perspective for organizing the summercamp is becoming better. For the Summercamp we follow the rules of the region of Oberstdorf and the advices of the International Skating Union and it looks we can hold a normal program for the summercamp as we were used in the past. Many new skaters have entered already but we still miss a number of old friends who attended the summercamp in the past also. We do hope that it will be possible for them also to come. The entry will close on friday 1 July 2022. All the latest information about the summercamp will be published on this website.
      Summercamp Tulips in Oberstdorf
15-05-2022. For many years it is a tradition that the Shorttrack Summercamp donates every year a 1000 tulip bulbs to the city of Oberstdorf. Every year an other colour of tulips is handed out. The municipality of Oberstdorf have them planted all over the City. Because the tulip bulbs last for many years every year more and more tulips can be seen. It is Spring time now and all over the City of Oberstdorf the tulips are in full  flower now. It is a special "thanks-you" message to the people of Oberstdorf for all what they do for the sport and for the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp.

In memoriam Hanny Brand
05-06-2021. On Saturday 15 May 2021 Hanny Brand (Netherlands) has passed away after a long period of unbeatable illness. Hanny, from a real skating-family, was a Super-volunteer who dedicated her whole live to the sport of cycling, Longtrack speed skating and Shorttrack. Many later famous skaters in both branches of the speedskating as a young kid have been trained by her. For many years she also was a jury-member, time-keeper and the last years Video operator at many shorttrack competitions among others in the StarClass series all over Europe. Hanny also was an important helping hand for many years in the organization of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp where she did all kinds of jobs during the whole week besides officiating at the shorttrack competition. Our thoughts go out to her husband Daan and son and daughter Martijn and Anna.


Juraj Valach doing finish registration of the Mountain Run during the Summercamp.

    In memoriam Juraj Valach
23-02-2021. On Monday 22 February Juraj Valach (Slovak Republic) has passed away after 9 days of heavy suffering in hospital from Covid-19. Juraj was a Super-volunteer who dedicated his life for more then 20 years to Shorttrack Speedskating. He was one of the founders of Speed Skating in Slovakia and has been General Secretary of the Slovak Speed Skating Union. Besides competition organiser he was also ISU Competitors Steward. In this function he was working for many national and international competitions in Europe and all over the World. His last competition was the European Championships of 22-24 January 2021 in Gdansk-Poland. Juraj was for many years also one of the volunteers behind our website and Co-organiser of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp. Besides the competition administration of the running seasons he processed many old competitions for the statistics in the database of Shorttrackonline. As an example: in the normal situation a competitors steward in general is doing 10 to 15 competitions in a season; In the past two seasons Juraj has processed 108 Competitions for its results and statistics on our website! We are very thankful for the great job he did for our sport of Shorttrack. Our thoughts go out to his wife Beata and his son and daughter Andrej and Alexandra.

Shorttrack club Kristallijn Gent donates padding

01-08-2020. Shorttrack club Kristallijn Gent donated their old padding to the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp as they have received a complete new set of padding of international standard for the Icerink in Gent. Thanks to this support of STKG the problem of enough padding and the safety in training and competition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp is solved. The club, of which many members every year come to the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp has a new boarding padding in Gent now and they decided to donate the old padding (still in good quality) to the summercamp. In the week before the summercamp 2020 a truck with driver from Oberstdorf came to Gent and all the STKG members where helping to load the van. On behalf of all participants of the summercamp we would like to thank STKG for their support.