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  44. 07-08-2022. The next edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will take place: 29 July - 5 August 2023.  
  43. 07-08-2022. The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp is at its end now. We hope you all enjoyed your stay here. We thank all volunteers who supported us this week. We will check today the Ice rink if there are no more lost goods of skaters. The Overall results will be published tomorrow. Have a nice journey home and see you next year!  
  42. 06-08-2022. We request all skaters and supporters to help with the safety padding after the last race on saturday around 17.19 hr. Half of the blue padding must go back to hall-3 through the tunnel, the other half must go of the ice at the side of the back-door and all white padding has to go also to the back-door of hall-1 because they need to go to the garage.  
  41. 06-08-2022. The next edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will take place: 29 July - 5 August 2023.  
  40. 05-08-2022. For Entry to the Closing dinner you must bring the correct ticket. Entry ONLY possible with a ticket. There are NO extra seats left over! Award Presentation will start as soon as possible after the dinner around 21.00 hr.  
  39. 05-08-2022. Don't forget after the competition on saturday to bring back your helmet number.  
  38. 05-08-2022. Bulletin-19: Overall Classification 2 Events is published now on the page Bulletins of the Mobile Website.  
  37. 05-08-2022. Bulletin-18: Biathlon Results is now published on the page BULLETINS of the Mobile Website.  
  36. 04-08-2022. The red T-shirts with Race number must be returned on friday morning in the Ice rink. In return the helmet cover for the shorttrack competition will be handed out. We request everybody to wash the red T-shirt and bring it back clean. If this is not done we as organisers have to wash them so please wash them and bring them back clean.  
  35. 04-08-2022. We still need some volunteers for the Shorttrack Competition, please look at the page VOLUNTEERS and see where you could support us. At this moment we have too less Track Stewards.  
  34. 03-08-2022. Bulletin-10: Mountain Run-results per cat is published now on the page BULLETINS of the mobile website.  
  33. 03-08-2022. Bulletin-21: Tubing Time Schedule had a mistake in it. The version published now is the correct one on the page BULLETINS of the mobile website.  
  32. 03-08-2022. Bulletin-20: Tubing Information is published now on the page BULLETINS of the mobile website.  
  31. 03-08-2022. The special technical clinic about bending blades and rockers of the blades will be held today from 17.00-18.30 in the Ice rink hall-2 (when you enter the building the small rink at the left side).  
  30. 02-08-2022. For the Biathlon on wednesday we need a lot of volunteers to do the heatbox and for the Relay place with the Kick Bikes. For the heatbox report with Sue Williams and for the Kick Bike Relay report to CD Riches. Look also for this at the page Volunteers.  
  29. 02-08-2022. Bulletin-17: Biathlon Startlist is now published on the Mobile website page BULLETINS.  
  28. 02-08-2022. Bulletin-16: Biathlon Time Schedule is available now on the Mobile website page BULLETINS.  
  27. 02-08-2022. Tonight clinic for beginning referees at 19.30 in office of Eissport Club Oberstdorf. S.Aliverisci, B. Aliverisci, E. Hoogvorst, S.Ottenhoff, Monique vd Vaart and Zhiyuan Yao. Other may also come (limited place).  
  26. 02-08-2022. Tonight clinic for beginning Competitors stewards at 19.30 in backroom of restaurant. L. Blok, E.Hoogervorst and Stefan Ottenhof. Other people may also come.  
  25. 02-08-2022. Tonight clinic for beginning starters at 19.00 in hall-1. Reus, Stephan Ottenhof, Brent Trowbridge, Barbara trowbridge and Zhiyuan Yao. Other people may also come.  
  24. 01-08-2022. Bulletin-15: Biathlon-Information is available now on the Mobile website page BULLETINS.  
  23. 01-08-2022. On Tuesday evening clinics will be held for beginning Starters, Referees and Competitors Stewards. Please check the special bulletin for this and if your name is on the list confirm that you are coming by Email:

If your name is NOT on the list and you are willing to come then also send an Email to us.
  22. 01-08-2022. A special technical clinic will be held on wednesday 17.00-18.30hr about bending blades and rockers of the blades. If you are interested in this send Email not later then Tuesday 17.00 hr to: Further information will follow Tuesday evening.
  21. 01-08-2022. Please do not forget that we need volunteers for the Mountain Run to control the routing for the runners. We need for every category around 12 volunteers. If you want to help come to the start and register yourself with the coordinator Maarten Slembrouck.  
  20. 31-07-2022. Urgent message. We ask the help of some volunteers for sunday evening during the training sessions to put all tables and benches in the garden in the correct way on the pallets and secure this with the straps. It will be picked up monday morning and can not be transported in the way it is now.  
  19. 31-07-2022. Frank Schenk has made a special Facebook album were you can upload and download photos. We ask all attendants to do this as much as possible. The link is:
  18. 31-07-2022. On wednesday evening we need some extra volunteers to help with measuring the Start and Finish lines for the shorttrack competition in hall 1 after the last training. On the page volunteers you can see who is already on the list. Please inform us if you are available.  
  17. 31-07-2022. On monday day and evening the Ice rink restaurant of Zoran is closed. The rest of the week the restaurant of Zoran will be open every day.  
  16. 31-07-2022. Bulletin-08: Mountain Run Time Schedule is now published on the page BULLETINS.  
  15. 31-07-2022. Bulletin-07: Mountain Run Information has been published now on the page BULLETINS.  
  14. 31-07-2022. The Training groups are updated. Bulletin-06: Training Groups-v2 is the new composition of the groups.  
  13. 30-07-2022. Bulletin-06: Training Groups is published now on the page BULLETINS.  
  12. 30-07-2022. The page Volunteers has been updated with the Food and Beverage team for helping at the barbeque.  
  11. 30-07-2022. We request everybody who comes for Registration to help also with setting up in the garden for the Welcome Barbeque.  
  10. 29-07-2022. Bulletin-02: Registration at arrival, Bulletin-03: General Information and Bulletin-05: Ice Training Schedule are published now on the page BULLETINS.  
  9. 29-07-2022. We are still looking for some more First Aid volunteers as we want to try to have at every training session a first aid person in the ice rink. If you are available please send a whatsapp to: 0031-653-797839. Please also mention the name of your skater. (See First Aid list on page volunteers).  
  8. 21-07-2022. An order confirmation has been send to all Skaters/Family who have entered for the summercamp. Please check if this confirmation has been received and if it is correct. If not received, not correct or you have changes send Email immediately to  
  7. 19-07-2022. The pages PROGRAM, INFO-BULLETINS and VOLUNTEERS have been updated. Information for clinics beginning officials also now available on page PROGRAM- Tuesday. More updates of these pages will follow on daily basis now.  
  6. 18-07-2022. Monday evening the entry on the website and the questionnaire forms on will close. All changes, requests, late entries and withdrawns can from that moment on only be done by Email to the special Registration desk on  
  5. 16-07-2022. Around 20 skaters did not yet fill in the questionnaire-form. We request these persons and the family to do this immidiatelly.  
  4. 15-07-2022. Bulletin-01: Where to find information Summercamp is published now on the page Info-bulletins.  
  3. 13-07-2022. We need urgently the Questionnaire-forms filled in by Skaters and Family/Supporters. About half of the number of skaters did not do that yet. We request all secretaries and skaters who read this message to inform all others to do this as soon as possible. We have a lot of preparation work to do and we do need the information for this.  
  2. 10-07-2022. All Skaters and Family/Supporters are requested to fill in the special Questionnaire-form on the page Info/Entry procedure.  
  1. 01-07-2022. Welcome on the Mobile Website with daily information and urgent messages of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2022. We advise you to make a link to this App on your mobile phone.