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35. We are going to rebuild this website. Besides the information for the Summercamp we also will make a seperate part on this website with information for the StarClass series.  We request you to stay connected with skatingonline.info also during the winter season.
34. The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2020 is at its end now. We would like to thank all volunteers who helped making it succesfull under these difficult circumstances. We hope that all attendents enjoyed this week. We wish you all a good journey home and hope to see you all soon again. In 2021 the 10th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will take place from 31 July - 7 August.
33. The Overall Classification has now been published on the page Info-bulletins or click here. The results of the shorttrack competition can be found on Shorttrackonline.info
32. Special request for volunteers: After the shorttrack competition we need to clean up the garden. All tables and benches must be put on the pallets, all plastic bags must be taken away, the floor must be cleaned and the tents must be taken down. Please help us with this with as many as possible people.
31. The Points of the Mountain Run and Biathlon as well as the Overall points after 2 Events can now be found on the page Info-bulletins and on the page results.
30. Urgent request: for the shorttrack competition we need a few more track stewards to do the blocks. Perhaps a few elder skaters want to do that with the younger categories and some younger skaters at the elder category. Please send a whatsapp to your trainer tonight if you want to do this.
29. Urgent request: for thursday evening we need volunteers to help us making the start- and finishlines in hall-3 after the last training session.
28. Click here for the Biathlon Results per race or go to page Bulletins.
27. Click here for the Information bulletin and Time schedule for the Recreational Event of thursday. This bulletin can also be downloaded from the Page Info Bulletins. Time schedule also on page Program.
26.On the page Program of this website you can find the splitted time slots for the shorttrack competition for the different age groups.
25. The program for the shorttrack competition on friday and saturday is now published on the page live of the website Shorttrackonline.info.
24. The time schedule and location of  the Recreational event on thursday is now published on the page program of this website.
23. The Start List for the Biathlon is now published on the page bulletins or click here. Please come on time, not too early and leave immidiately after the Award ceremony.
22. A special bulletin is published now for the parents of group-1 and group-2 for setting up safety padding on wednesday afternoon.
21. Time schedule nr 2 (corrections) for the Biathlon of wednesday is now published on the page program. It takes place at the track next to the Langlauf stadium at the Bergsauer Strasse. The competition is Kick-bike then Run ten Kick-bike as one race. Please do not come to early. At arrival go to registration and then to heatbox and depart immidiatelly after the Award presentation. Do not come to the side of the rink were the start and finishline is situated! Parents must stay at the opposite site of the track! Inside track is fresh grass we are not allowed to go in there.
20. Skaters who are ready with their training session can not do cooling down in the Ice rink or sitt in the stands; they have to leave the building (through the correct exit) immidiatelly to make space for the next group. With face mask on!
19. The Behaviour from too many skaters at the Ice rink tonight was NOT correct! Too many skaters walk in and out in the wrong directions, are not using an official face mask or come to early or stay too long into the Icerink. We will have big problems if this goes on like this and will also have influence on having the competition friday and saturday. The skaters and parents MUST behave perfect with the Corona mausures!
18. The results of the Mountain Run are now published on the page bulletins and page results.
17. The Mountain Run Time Schedule and Info bulletin are published now. Click here or use the link on the page bulletins. We request as much as possible volunteers to help us: al the parents assemble at the Start for instruction. Due to Corona measures all runners have to supply their own water or other drinks.
16. The revised composition of the Training Groups, included name of the trainers, is now pubished on this website. Click here or use the link on the page bulletins. During the training sessions it is absolutelly forbitten for parents to go into the Ice rink!
15. Attention: we need volunteers for measuring the track of hall-3 and putting mats at 18.30. hr. The mats in hall-1 has to be put on the ice at 21.00 hr. Please as much as possible volunteers help us.
14. Local Government has approved all Corona measures for the Summercamp accept for Welcome barbeque and Closing dinner because of a too big group of people. Tickets for barbeque and Closing dinner can now be used during the whole week for a special meal at the Ice rink restaurant of Zoran.
13. Bulletin-01 Registration at arrival has been updated with the latest information.
12. Request for volunteers: saturday at 11.00 we want to start setting up tents, tables and equipment in the garden of the Ice rink. It would be great if some volunteers will help us with this.
11. Registration and technical check of skates is on saturday from 12.00-17.00. Go into garden of Icerink first and get an appointment number. If you see your number on the Race timer you go into the Icerink when it is your turn. Only 1 person at a time is allowed to go into the building.
10. Request for volunteers: thursday morning at the Ice rink we have to unload the van with all the equipment for the summercamp.  It would be great if some volunteers, who are already in Oberstdorf, could help with this. If you can please come to the Ice rink at 11.00.
9. Entry by family members of the skaters for Recreational Events, Volunteers jobs and Clinic can now also be done trough the Entry System on the page Info/Entry procedure. The login procedure and password of the eldest skater of the family can be used for this.
8. All skaters entered for the Summercamp have received now an Email with confirmation. Mistakes in this confirmation and last-minute changes has to be send by Email not later then wednesday 22-07-2020 at 14.00 hr.
7. All skaters have to fill in a special Questionary-form at last on friday 17 July 2020. The form can be found on the page INFO/Entry Procedure. The club secretary will receive the necessary password for all skaters to log-in. 
6. The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2020 will be held! Some changes in the program and extra measures for the attending people could be necessary based on the actual situation and decissions of the German Government. Please enter as quick as possible for attending.
5. It is the intention that the Summercamp 2020 will be held, but it depends on the situation in Europe. On friday 22 May it is not yet clear if it is possible. We follow the decissions of the Gouvernments of Europe very closelly and will inform you as soon as possible.
4. The Corona Virus has taken over Europa. Many countries are in Lock down. We do not yet know what that will mean for the organisation of the Summercamp.
3. The entry for the Summercamp is on full speed now. 90 skaters have entered uptill now. The entry closes on the 9th of July.
2. The Entry for the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp is open now. Entry can be done by the club secretary on the website: www.shorttrackonline.info.
1. Welcome on the mobile website of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2020. On this place you will get all information about the daily program and urgent messages.